Hi, I'm John

I am a BSc Computer Science student who loves to program. I a most intrested in full-stack development - taking an idea all the way to the end and creating a full application, I love working as part of a team and making project with friends. I am also a Linux Enthusiat and I run Garuda Linux as my main OS on all my machines. Furthermore, I am a private tutor for GCSE and A-level Maths and Computer Science.

I have worked on an extensive number of projects, such as making my own tutoring company whilst at university, creating a web based revision application for my students, and creating the frontend for a secure datasharing startup.

Technologies I work with:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Both frontend and backend
  • Node.js
  • Golang
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Including hosting and managing my own databases
  • Linux Management
  • I have hosted and managed several linux servers
  • MongoDB
  • Java
  • Wordpress



Real Tutor

Web dev

Tensorcrypt (2021 - 2022)

A secure data-sharing startup funded by CyberASAP, it provides zero knowledge data sharing services for componanies to share data in a completely encrypted way, as well as.


Real Tutor

A lesson and progress management system which allowed tutors at my company to schedule lessons, add repots and keep track of students progress. Built using the MERN stack.

Use the following credentitals to play around:


A revision tool which allows students to revise various subjects. Uses Auth0 for user sign ups.

Restaurant ordering system

A revision tool which allows students to revise various subjects. Year 2 Team Project, I was resposible for making the entire UI. I cannot release the source code, but there is a video.


Royal Hackathon Project 2022. A real time social media which allows users to communicate with each other in real time. It also involves GPT-3 bots which communicate with each other and the users.

No Live :(


My first big project. A classic snake game that adapts to the screen size you are on.